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Vermont AIDS Drug Assistance Program-Vermont

108 Cherry Street, Drawer 41 HAST
Burlington, VT - 05401
1-(802) 863-725

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Program Elegibility

ATTENTION: YOU MUST BE HIV POSITIVE TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PROGRAM. - the applicant's net income must be at or below 200% of the current Federal Poverty Level - there are sliding scale co-payments for income over 200% - must be HIV+


Call Moretti at 802-863-7253 to enroll.

Drugs Covered

,Adriamycin ,Agenerase ,AZT ,Bactrim ,Biaxin Filmtab ,Biaxin Granules ,Biaxin XL Filmtab ,Celexa ,Cipro ,Cleocin ,Combivir ,Crixivan ,d4T ,Daraprim ,ddC ,ddI ,DDS ,Desyrel ,Diflucan ,DOXIL ,Duragesic CII ,Effexor Tablets ,Elavil ,Emtri