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Oklahoma AIDS Drug Assistance Program-Oklahoma

Mail Drop 0308
Oklahoma City, OK - 73117
1-(405) 271-463

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Program Elegibility

ATTENTION: YOU MUST BE HIV POSITIVE TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PROGRAM. Eligible individuals needing Ryan White CARE Act Title II services must be Oklahoma residents and have a documented HIV infection and/or documented AIDS diagnosis. Applican


"Out-of-pocket drug costs can be taken into account to ""spend down"" to this income limit."

Drugs Covered

,3TC ,Agenerase ,Avo-Sulfon ,AZT ,Bactrim ,Bactrim DS ,Biaxin Filmtab ,Biaxin Granules ,Biaxin XL Filmtab ,Biaxin XL Pac ,Combivir ,Crixivan ,Cytovene ,d4T ,Daraprim ,ddC ,ddI ,Diflucan ,Diflucan Suspension ,Emtriva ,Epivir ,Epivir-H