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Alcon Cares US Patient Assistance Program-Alcon Labs

6201 South Freeway
Ft. Worth, TX - 76134
(800) 222-8103

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About Alcon Cares US Patient Assistance Program-Alcon Labs

Alcon Cares, Inc. is a foundation offering a voluntary public service program that provides medication to qualified individuals at no charge. Each request is subject to approval and fulfillment is based upon current available resources.

The program is open to any private patient of a U.S. licensed healthcare provider who cannot afford their medication and does not have prescription insurance coverage or qualify for local, state or federal prescription programs unless such programs are documented to cause a financial hardship for the patient. Patients should qualify for the income test at 200 percent (two times) the current year\'s poverty level under the number of persons living in a household.

Program Elegibility

Patient cannot have a prescription reimbursment insurance, must be indigent and needy, and physician must be an optometrist or ophthalmologist.


New applications are required for refills.

Drugs Covered

,Azopt ,Betoptic S ,Bion Tears ,Brimonidine Tartrate ,Carteolol HCl ,Ciloxan Ointment ,Ciloxan Solution ,Cipro HC Otic ,Ciprodex ,Econopred Plus ,Flarex ,Iopidine ,IsoptoCarbachol ,IsoptoCarpine ,Levobunolol HCl ,Maxitrol Suspension ,Metipranolol Solution